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Video: HOW 'I' Make Sea moss gel

'My' Sea moss gel recipe

We grew up on the good stuff ! Growing up on the island of Jamaica surrounded by the Caribbean sea, sea moss was readily accessible. Whenever Mama needed to make us sea moss porridge for breakfast or a punch with nutmeg to top off that delicious Sunday dinner she would get it. Growing up I loved sea moss and many moons later I still do. Sea moss boasts a tonne of health benefits which gives answer to how athletic I was growing up. Over the years new recipes have evolved using sea moss and I am proud to be a part of that evolution. In this post I will be sharing how 'I make' sea moss gel.

1. To start you need 2 oz of Wildcrafted sea moss.

2. One litre of spring water

3. One lemon or lime

4. Clean container

Step 1. Wash sea moss with clean water to remove residue and any debris like sand, salt, weed etc.

Step 2. Leave to soak overnight.

Step 3. Wash for as many times as needed, changing water until all residue is gone and water comes clear.

Step 4. Cover sea moss with spring water. Boil for 3 minutes.

Step 5. Leave to cool.

Step 6. Pour in mason jar or glass bowl. Cover and refrigerate.

You will get roughly (2-3) 32 oz jars or (6) 16 oz.

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  • Sea moss gel being poured.

  • Sea moss gel after cooled , refigerated and ready for shipping.

  • Ancient Herbs Co. plain golden St. Lucia sea moss gel ready to ship.