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FEELING GOOD FLOWER Tea - Happy Tea 2 oz

FEELING GOOD FLOWER Tea - Happy Tea 2 oz

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Our Feeling Good Flower Tea delivers sweetness in a blend of fruits and blossoms with the spirit-lifting presence of oatstraw, this earthy infusion is accompanied by a majestic fragrance. The signature aroma of chamomile is matched by the robust smell of roses, and both are boosted by the bouquet of citrus zest!

A colorful herbal, Feeling Good Flower Tea finishes with the lively scent of lavender.

Just looking at this beautiful tea will gladden the heart. 

Sweet uplifting floral brew making you feel good after each sip.

Ingredients : Chamomile flowers, orange peel, rose petals, oatstraw,  lemon balm leaf, lavender flowers and stevia leaf.





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