Ancient Herbs Company is a family run herbal holistic health and body care business based in Texas U.S.A. Our business was born out of our very own way of life and personal experiences.

From an early age I can remember spending school holidays in the hills of Clarendon, Jamaica with my grandfather who was a farmer and natural healer. In his earlier years he emigrated to the United Kingdom to help rebuild Britain after the Second World War. While he was away he worked and bought acres of land home in Jamaica where he would live the rest of his life on his return.

He taught me how important it was to look after the earth and grow our own food. My grandfather cultivated and grew every thing you could think. From the very herbs which would spice up the pot like thyme, peppers, all spice, ground provision: bananas, yams, coco, breadfruit, avocados, cocoa, coffee, he grew it all. Our  food was our medicine. He knew every single 'herb' and their benefits. 

As I journeyed throughout life I never departed from that which was instilled in me. I embraced a natural holistic way of life.

However it was in 2015 that I had a life changing experience when a perfectly healthy me who lead a holistic way of life after a minor accident was administered pharmaceutical 'drugs'. I suffered adverse reactions which significantly affected and altered my day to day life. I would sporadically break out  in hives, Angioedema and was later diagnosed with Chronic Sporadic Urticaria  which prolonged for a number of years. I had to make myself better so I delved deeper into herbalism and self healing. During these years of seeking and getting to know I gained a wealth of knowledge I feel would be of value to those who are opened to receive.

We are a part of a community who know the healing powers of herbs and want to grow as you become a part of the family.

Here at Ancient Herbs Co. we have curated an inventory of the herbs from A-Z that we use in our day to day lives, natural cruelty free, non toxic body and hair care products formulated by us and used by our entire family.  

I hope as you browse you'll find this website helpful, insightful and inspirational as you embark on your personal health/healing journey if you haven't already done so.

Blessed love

Empress Yudah & Ras


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