Ancient Herbs Company is a family run business based in Texas U.S.A. Our business was born out of our very own way of life, personal experiences and the need to help others.

While growing up I spent a number of school holidays in the hills of Clarendon, Jamaica with my grandfather who was a farmer and believed in tilling the soil. He grew everything he ate and would often have surplus to sell. By way of his divine connection with nature he soon discovered the healing powers he was gifted with. He was a 'Bushman' , herbalist and a natural healer. He knew all the herbs and showed me the magic of herbs and taught me how important it was to look after 'mother earth'. 

As I journeyed throughout life I never departed from that which was instilled in me from young. I would choose nature over everything!

Why after so many years and career paths I now choose to pursue herbalism?

It was in 2015 that I had a life changing experience when a perfectly healthy me suffered adverse reactions to prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. This  significantly affected me and altered my day to day life. I got very ill and would sporadically break out in hives, Angioedema and was later diagnosed with Chronic Sporadic Urticaria which prolonged for quite a number of years. After being told that my only remedy was more prescriptions drugs I said NO! and delved deeper into herbalism and alternative healing modalities. It was during these years of research and travelling back and forth to my home country of Jamaica from Europe that I gained a vast fountain of knowledge which marinated well with my hours of reading various books on herbalism.

These days people are seeking natural ways to heal themselves and embrace a healthier and a more holistic lifestyle and that's where our business Ancient Herbs Company comes in. Here on our site we have curated an inventory of herbs from A-Z  sourced from Jamaica and other Caribbean islands and within the United States. These herbs are organic and wildcrafted.

On the site you'll also find handcrafted natural skin and body care products which are never tested on animals and are used by our entire family.  

​We hope as you browse you'll find what you need. If not you may use our contact form to make special orders, special requests or make enquires. Love, light and blessings in abundance as you embark on your personal health & healing journey. Blessed love Empress Yudah & Ras Natural Livity Family.



Our Jamaica herbs are wildcrafted from our land in the hills of Clarendon Jamaica W.I. There the herbs grow wild and undisturbed with little to no human interference. These herbs are chemical, pesticide and herbicide free guaranteed.


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