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Blue Vervain Wildcrafted 2 oz

Blue Vervain Wildcrafted 2 oz

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Verbena hastata is a member of the vervain family with small, blueish-purple flowers that bloom in summer. Found across North America, blue vervain has been utilized for its healthful properties for centuries by Native Americans and later by folk herbalists. The herb was traditionally steeped as blue vervain tea but can also be tinctured, made into a syrup, or incorporated into bath and body products like foot soaks and creams.

Blue vervain has a range of health benefits and is known historically to relieve congestion.

Some Health Benefits 

Anti inflammatory

Detoxifies body

Used to aid a good night sleep

Helps nursing mothers with lactation

Natural Astringent so helps to heal wounds

Helps to relieve cold and fevers

Helps to relieve migraine headaches

Helps with stomach problems like indigestion

Helps prevent gum disease

Helps to relieve bleeding gums

Calms nerves & mood swings

Supports liver and kidneys

Supports urinary tract

Supports upper respiratory tract

Overall a super herb

Ingredients : Organic Wildcrafted Vervain





Weight 2 oz 

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