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Jamaica Grown Cerasee/Bittermelon is one of the best known herbs known for treating various health conditions. It is renowned natural remedy known to treat conditions, from diabetes to high blood pressure. Cerasee is a go to herb for these conditions.

It is a natural remedy traditionally used in the Caribbean.

It's scientific name is Momordica charantia, or bitter melon

In the Caribbean, the tea is used to treat a number of ailments, ranging from high blood pressure to constipation. 

Cerasee Health Benefits

Detoxifies the body's organs liver, kidneys. 

Natural blood purifier

Improves feminine health.

Assist in reducing menstrual cramps.

Supports weight loss.

Helps to eliminate urinary infections.

Lowers Cholesterol.

Lower Blood Sugar and Pressure.

Kills Parasites and Worms

Relieve constipation, upset stomach and aid digestion.

Flush Drug related toxins from the body.

Treat Skin Rash and Eczema.

1 oz pack

Natural wildcrafted (grown naturally & organically) in Jamaica



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