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Calendula Flowers Organic

Calendula Flowers Organic

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Calendula Flowers (Organic) - 1 oz (Edible)

Marigold is a yellow flower related to asters and sunflowers. The plant gets its botanical name of Calendula from the Latin word that means "little calendar" or "little clock", a reference to the fact that the plant's bloom coincides with the new moon each month.

Aside from providing a mildly sweet and relaxing tea, a strong infusion of whole calendula flowers brightens and blends away gray in fair hair when used as a final rinse.

Calendula flower is one of the most versatile herbs to work with. The bright yellow/orange petals provide vibrant color and textural interest to tea blends, salads and soups, while the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds in the flowers lend their properties to various skin care preparations.

This is an edible herb which can be added to to soups, stews, tisanes and other culinary dishes. 

Ingredients : Dried Organic Edible Calendula flowers




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