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PROTECTION - Dragons Blood Incense Sticks

PROTECTION - Dragons Blood Incense Sticks

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Dragons Blood Incense Sticks 40 pcs

Incense Sticks are attractive to the senses and are pleasing to the eyes and nose.  Incense Sticks are used to enhance the scent of a room, office or work space during prayer, Religious Ceremony, meditation, and yoga practice.

Benefits Dragon's Blood Incense

Helps reduce the negative and increase the positive aspects of all zodiac signs. The scent of the sticks fills the environment with positive energy to make your living space aromatic and pleasant. The deep and powerful fragrance of Dragons Blood Incense is a great spiritual catalyst. The scent is aligned to honor and power and can help connect with your core during any kind of meditation or spiritual prayer. It evokes profound inward healing empowering the mind to reach its full spiritual potential.

Free from harmful chemicals.

Hand rolled

Clean scented

How to use : Light incense stick and place in holder.

Incense will burn all the way to the end. Never leave unattended. 


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