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PRODUCTIVITY & FOCUS - Lotus Incense Sticks

PRODUCTIVITY & FOCUS - Lotus Incense Sticks

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Handmade Lotus incense sticks 40

Incense Sticks are attractive to the senses and are pleasing to the eyes and nose.  Incense Sticks are used to enhance the scent of a room, office or work space during prayer, Religious Ceremony, meditation, and yoga practice.

Lotus Incense Benefits

Lotus Incense Sticks are frequently used in aromatherapy to bring about emotional clarity. It helps mindfulness and can also be used in offices to promote a more productive environment. The fragrance awakens a state of keen awareness, efficiently encourages creativity, and is a perfect aid for bringing focus.

How to use: Light tip end of the stick. once lit place in stick holder.

Never leave unattended.


Clean scent

Chemical free 


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