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CLEANSE & PURIFY - Frankincense & Myrrh Granular Resin & Charcoal

CLEANSE & PURIFY - Frankincense & Myrrh Granular Resin & Charcoal

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A Grade Quality Frankincense and Myrrh granular resin 2.5 oz + 1 pack of 10 charcoal discs.

Frankincense & myrrh was recorded from as early as AD1 and is used to date 

for it's spiritual and healing properties.

Wards off evil dark energies

Invites good energies and purifies space

Use when blessing and welcoming new life (new born)

Use during meditation and yoga exercise 

Natural pain reliever -  infuse in oil to rub and relieve body and joint pains 

Ingredients: Frankincense & myrrh resin

How to use : Place a few pieces of each resin on lit charcoal disc sitting in a burner.

This will create smoke and release Frankincense & Myrrh aroma.

Burn for as long as needed. 

Never leave unattended. 

What are Frankincense and Myrrh?

Both frankincense and myrrh were valuable commodities that were exported by camel caravans throughout the known world. Only royalty or the wealthy could afford either, making them a fitting gift for the King of Kings. These costly commodities were used not only by the ancient Hebrews but by the Egyptians and Romans as well. Both were used in embalming and burned as incense for fragrance, purification, and in religious rites.
Frankincense was used as medicine—the resin was chewed for digestive issues. Ancient Egyptian queens and pharaohs used frankincense and myrrh topically for skincare and rejuvenation, in cosmetics and facial masks. The dark eyeliner that Egyptian royalty wore thickly around their eyes, referred to as kohl, was made from charred powder from burned frankincense resin.


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