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Turmeric Glow Lightening Scrub

Turmeric Glow Lightening Scrub

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Turmeric Glow sugar scrub for radiant glowing skin and even skin stone 8 oz

for all skin types.


Exfoliates dead skin cells

Removes dark spots 

Helps to alleviate hyperpigmentation

Reduces acne scars

Helps to even skin tone

Natural/ Chemical Free / Cruelty free/ Not tested on Animals

Use on face, under arms, between legs, bikini area &  butt.

Ingredients : Organic cane sugar, Wild Flower honey, Organic Turmeric Root powder, 100% Pure essential oils.  

How to use :

Massage a quarter size amount of the scrub onto damp clean skin

add water to spread evenly. leave for 8-10 minutes.

rinse thoroughly and pat dry with dark towel to avoid staining.

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