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LAVENDER Body Care Bundle

LAVENDER Body Care Bundle

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Lavender Body Care Set (Does not include basket)

Set Includes 

Foaming sugar scrub 8 oz

Body Butter 8 oz

Shower gel 8 oz

This set is infused with 100 % Pure Lavender Aromatherapy Essential oil.

Pure Lavender Essential Oil promotes relaxation, helps with anxiety, fungal infections, allergies, depression, insomnia, eczema.

African Shea butter Health Benefits

Great for softening, smoothing and nourishing the skin.

Shea naturally boosts skin moisture.

It's anti-inflammatory properties soothes and help in alleviating skin problems like eczema.

Shea may help to fight breakouts, smooths wrinkles which makes older skin appear more youthful.

What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree. It is ivory in color when raw and commonly dyed yellow with borututu root or palm oil.

Lavender Health Benefits

Lavender is known to reduce anxiety and emotional stress while promoting relaxation and calmness.

This product is lavender scented and has no additives or TOXIC Chemicals.

Handmade with all natural ingredients.




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