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Organic Lavender flowers

Organic Lavender flowers

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Organic & Edible

Dried Lavender Flowers

This is an edible dried herb which can be used to make teas, herbal blends, added to to soups, stews, other culinary dishes and body and hair care products.

Some of the many benefits of lavender flowers 

The calming fragrance of a lavender plant provides relief from stress, depression, and migraines. Lavender is promoted as one of the best known herb to keep you calm. It is also considered anti-inflammatory and has antiseptic and anti fungal properties. Like other plants in the mint family, lavender will repel bugs such a ticks.

How to use: Use a half of a tea spoon to make a cup of tea. 
Infuse in oils for body care and hair care.

Use in cooking, baking and other culinary dishes.

Ingredients : Dried Organic Edible Lavender flowers



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