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Organic Nutmeg

Organic Nutmeg

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Scientific name : (Myristica fragrans) (Grated) 

Is the dried fruit of an evergreen, tropical tree native to the area of Indonesia commonly referred to as the Spice Islands. As its species name of “fragrans” implies, nutmeg is very fragrant.

Nutmeg is used to flavor sweet and savory foods as well as beverages and liquors.

Nutmeg is widely used in the baking industry as a spice for cakes and baked products.

This nutmeg is grated so in the form of powder making it easy to add to your dishes and drinks without having to grate the seed yourself.

Spice it up !

In the Caribbean nutmeg is widely used to flavor porridges, cakes and other baked products, flavor sea moss punch, peanut punch, strong back  and a whole lot more !





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