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PEPPER ELDER (Wildcrafted)

PEPPER ELDER (Wildcrafted)

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Other names Shine Bush, Joint Wood, Night Watchman, Jaborandi-manso 

Dried (cut & sifted) Wildcrafted from the hills of Clarendon, Jamaica.

Chemical Free Pesticide free grown with little to no human interference

In Jamaica pepper elder is traditionally used to treat nausea and vomiting and boiled with ginger for stomach ache. It is also used for colds, flu, fever and pain, including painful menstruation and stomach disorders.

Other benefits

Suppresses coughs 

May help with prostate issues

May help with acid reflux, high blood pressure, skin inflammation, headaches,

rheumatic joint pains, fever abdominal pains and renal problems.

Grows naturally in the wild with | No herbicide | No pesticide | No chemical fertilizer 

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