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Strawberries & Cream body scrub 8 oz

Strawberries & Cream body scrub 8 oz

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This body scrub will exfoliate your skin getting rid of dead skin cells making way for new and more youthful skin.

Made with Non GMO Organic cane sugar and non toxic clean fragrance oils.

Foams and lathers well so no need for soap

Safe to you on face and all over body

We encourage that you do a patch test when introducing new products to your skin care routine. 

What Is A Patch Test? It is a simple yet effective method to test if the product works for your skin, and suits your skin type.

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, extra virgin olive oil, mica powder, watermelon fragrance oil, bath butter.

How to use : Apply a small amount of the scrub onto already wet skin. Use your hands, a wash cloth or loofah to spread to other arears. Work into lather. Spread and massage for approximately 5 minutes. Rinse with water. Dry with clean towel.

Strawberries & Cream scented




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